Legislative novelties

Public Finances Ministry Order No. 2706/2011, published in The Official Monitor No. 761


Public Finances Ministry Order No. 2696/2011, published in the Official Monitor No. 756


The Order of the Fiscal Administration National Agency president No. 3347/2011, published in the Official Monitor No. 754


Services - Wages - human resources

salarizare eCont offers income calculation services performed by specialists in the field of labour relations, income calculation and income taxation.

eCont offers all services connected to human resources, from personnel recruitment form the economic field to the performance of all the formalities connected to employees (labour contracts, REVISAL, salaries calculation and income taxation, personnel files, etc.).

Our abilities and competences will help you manage the employees' information more easily and to simplify the entire remuneration process from the primary data collecting, to the actual payment of the salaries and social duties.

Considering the fact that every business has its own specific, we offer you a variety of management options to meet the needs of your business and the preferred management style.

The list of services includes:

  • The verifying and processing of the monthly timekeeping;
  • The correctness validation of the information in the medical leave certificates;
  • The validation of the information in the applications for leave and the confirmation of the balance of the right to leave;
  • The calculation of the due indemnity for the performed leave and the right to leave due and not performed until the date of the individual labour contract termination;
  • The calculation of medical leave indemnities for temporary inability to work;
  • The inventory of the timekeeping elements in the history of every employee;
  • The calculation of the net or gross salary bonuses, the salary bonuses in a net/gross sum or percentage, of the various salary accretions, advantages in kind, social help etc.;
  • The processing of the modifications regarding the rights to leave, salary bonuses, framing salaries, compensations, benefits, retentions, inhibitions, imputations, guarantees, salary advances;
  • The calculation of the annual deductions due to the employees registered in optional pension systems;
  • The calculation of the annual deductions due to the employees who sign facultative pension contracts for their own employees;
  • The calculation of the annual deductions due to the employees registered in the private health insurance systems;
  • Elaborating income statements that establish the right to personal deductions and all the other elements necessary for the income calculation (basic position, health insurance fund, the number of people in the care of the employee, the degree of handicap);
  • The processing and calculation of the income rights for the employees working with an individual/collective contract, simple/progressive/percentage contract or any other type of derivative of the contractual income;
  • The elaboration of payrolls;
  • The elaboration of the employee/employer social duties summary;
  • The elaboration, signing and submitting to ANAF (National Agency of Fiscal Administration) of the D112 single statement;
  • The elaboration and submitting of the enclosures to the D112 single statement;
  • The elaboration of the income accounting note in compliance with the accounting plan;
  • The database interrogation and the elaboration of standard management reports or adapted to the clients' specifications;
  • The elaboration of the individual income bulletins (payslips) and delivering them to the beneficiary, in a *.pdf format or printed on security paper of the bank pin type;
  • Paperless eCont - sending individual payslips, via e-mail, to the postal box of each employee;
  • Conveying to the beneficiary the requirements for the payment of the net salaries and the drawing commission;
  • The elaboration of the encrypted file for the individual salaries transfer;
  • The ordering of meal tickets and their delivery to the beneficiary;
  • The elaboration of statistical reports regarding the personnel and income data when the client in included in the National Statistics Committee sample;
  • The elaboration of annual financial charts and their submission at the specialized authorities.

For the companies with a more complex remuneration process, our specialists will establish with you the implementation plan and the configurations set necessary for meeting your needs completely.

Our clients have the possibility to choose different levels of externalization, and the list of services is not limited to the ones presented herein, it can be personalized according to the requirements of your company.