Legislative novelties

Public Finances Ministry Order No. 2706/2011, published in The Official Monitor No. 761


Public Finances Ministry Order No. 2696/2011, published in the Official Monitor No. 756


The Order of the Fiscal Administration National Agency president No. 3347/2011, published in the Official Monitor No. 754


Services - Financial audit

Professional audit services provided according to the international standards. Our experience in the field is of nearly 5 years.

Audit services:

  • Financial
  • Financial statuses
  • Accounting
  • Internal
  • External
  • Statutory
  • Fiscal
  • European/community/structural/national funds

Financial audit

The financial audit implies the examination of the financial statuses in a professional manner and the formulating of an independent opinion, by making references to certain quality criteria.

Regarding the actual audit activity, it implies:

  • the elaboration of annual audit reports (the short version report for the Trade Register and the detailed report - confidential letter), as per the International Audit Standards, accepted by the Chamber of Financial Auditors in Romania;
  • the comparative analysis of the company's main financial indicators;
  • the identification of the most appropriate accounting policies;
  • the assessment of the internal audit;
  • etc.

Internal Audit

The internal audit refers to the activity of objective examination of a company's activities field with the purpose of providing an independent evaluation of the risk management, the control and the administration processes of the said company.

It can be performed by people within the said company, but it can also be externalized to a company/person who is specialized and recognized by the CAFR ( Chamber of Financial Auditors in Romania).

The goals of the internal audit are the following:

  • to verify whether the organization's activity is in compliance with its (the audit) policies, programs and management, as per the legal provisions;
  • to assess how appropriate the financial and non-financial controls are, controls ordered by the management of the economic entity, and whether or not they are implemented and to what extent, with the purpose of increasing the activity efficiency of the organization;
  • to assess how appropriate the financial and non-financial information is, information supplied to the management of the economic entity, for the knowledge of the realities in the respective organization;
  • to protect the organization's patrimonial and balance-sheet elements and to identify the fraud prevention methods and loss of any kind.

Statutory audit

The statutory audit or the legal audit implies the examination performed by a competent and independent accounting professional of an entity's financial statuses with the view of expressing a founded opinion on the exact, clear and complete image of the financial status and position as well as the performances achieved by the entity.

Fiscal audit

The fiscal audit is necessary for:

  • the assessment of the preset regulations with the purpose of meeting a given objective;
  • the comparative assessment between the real status and the preset regulations.

As per ISO (The International Organization for Standardization), the audit is "a methodical examination performed with a view to determine whether or not the activities and the relatively on point results on the examined topic comply with the preset regulations and if these regulations are implemented in an efficient and apt manner with the view of meeting goals".

European funds audit

The monitoring and verification of the nonrefundable funds (European, Phare, ISPE, Sapard, POS DRU, POS MEDIU, AM POSDRU, POR, POTCA, etc.).