Legislative novelties

Public Finances Ministry Order No. 2706/2011, published in The Official Monitor No. 761


Public Finances Ministry Order No. 2696/2011, published in the Official Monitor No. 756


The Order of the Fiscal Administration National Agency president No. 3347/2011, published in the Official Monitor No. 754


Services - Accounting - taxation

Accounting elaboration and bookkeeping services

  • Bookkeeping based on primary documents
  • Filling out and submitting statements regarding the payment obligations to the state budget and social insurance, VAT expense accounts and other accounting reports and statuses
  • Bookkeeping of salaries and medical leaves of absence
  • Elaborating and submitting annual and semestral balance sheets
  • Filling out and processing accountant books (day book, inventory cash book, the sales and purchase journal)
  • Accounting services for redoing the bookkeeping
  • Establishing payable taxes and registering in the bookkeeping
  • The inventory of fixed means and their amortization
  • Information on the financial-accounting status of the company
  • Controlling the sheet per payer at the fiscal administration
  • Representation before the control authorities

Salaries bookkeeping

  • Elaborating payrolls and making deposits at the ITM (Territorial Labour Inspectorate)
  • Individual labour contracts, updating employees' register
  • Additional instruments to the individual labour contracts, decisions regarding the ceasing of the employee-employer work relations.
  • Elaborating and submitting statements at the CAS (Health Insurance Fund), CASS (The Health Social Insurance Contribution), unemployment, ITM (Territorial Labour Inspectorate) and the fiscal sheets for employees and collaborators.

Financial-accounting consulting

  • Consulting and assistance with compiling the credit, leasing files, obtaining fiscal certificates and Certificates of Good Standing
  • Managing and organizing the accounting documents' circuit and the primary bookkeeping
  1. Professional assistance / consulting in the fiscal field regarding:
    • - the identification of all duties and contributions applicable to the company;
    • - assistance in the performance of fiscal obligations (the elaboration manner and the submission deadlines for financial statements as well as the calculation method and payment deadlines of taxes and duties);
    • - the identification and exploitation of fiscal opportunities;
    • - direct and indirect taxes;
    • - tax analysis by withholding tax;
    • - periodic information regarding the modification of the legislative regulations in the fiscal field;
    • - the correct and effective implementation of the fiscal regulations;
  2. Assistance in problems of fiscal procedure through:
    • - periodic reports regarding the modification of the Fiscal Procedure Code;
    • - the correct implementation (and within the legal term) of the Fiscal Procedure Code provisions;
  3. Specialized assistance for the elaboration of the duties and taxes statements;
  4. The calculation of claims to the consolidated general budget, in compliance with the current legal provisions;
  5. The elaboration of the documentation for the exercising of the means of appeal against debentures and other fiscal administrative documents;
  6. Assistance and representation before the fiscal authorities, including the providing of specialized assistance throughout the financial inspection;
  7. Performing fiscal audits by the request of court authorities, criminal inquisition authorities, fiscal authorities or other interested parties;
  8. Fiscal assistance in the cases on the roll of a jurisdictional authority.
  9. Assistance in problems of labour legislation regarding:
    • - periodic information regarding the modification of the legislative regulations in the field of human resources (employees);
    • - the correct and effective implementation of the regulations regarding the labour legislation;
  10. Assistance regarding the granting of meal tickets and gift tickets to employees.
  11. Certifying the annual financial statements of the legal entities taxpayers.