Legislative novelties

Public Finances Ministry Order No. 2706/2011, published in The Official Monitor No. 761


Public Finances Ministry Order No. 2696/2011, published in the Official Monitor No. 756


The Order of the Fiscal Administration National Agency president No. 3347/2011, published in the Official Monitor No. 754


About us

eCont was established from the desire to offer professional accounting, financial and legal solutions, to trade companies, authorized physical entities, etc. from their setting up until their dissolution or legal insolvency.

Out of the desire to offer a complete package of professional, safe and effective solutions, eCont undertakes all responsibilities regarding the accounting, human resources, financial assistance, insolvency, and the assessment of your company.

The experience acquired in over 15 years of actual work in the field of industrial and agricultural production, constructions and import-export, service providing, as well as the continuous professional and legislative training represent a powerful support in favor of your option for the services we offer.

Thus the number of clients is proportioned in relation to the human resources of our company, so that the quality of the offered services should prevail. .

We take the benefit of a liability insurance policy for professional errors, which allows the covering of the damages generated to clients by the fault of our employees.

The eCont team

Sorin Craciunescu - accounting expert, financial auditor, fiscal consultant, expert in insolvency - UNPIR (The National Union of Insolvency Practitioners in Romania) Iasi vice-president, UNVAR licensed evaluator of trade companies and assets, ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) graduate, a Master's Degree in Financial Management (English) - sorin@econt.ro
Podaru Monica - senior partner - accounting expert (Spanish) - senior partner - 7 years experience within eCont - monica@econt.ro
Albescu Adina - senior partner - accounting expert (specialization in standard GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) accounting and European funds examination and auditing) (English) - senior partner - 6 years experience within eCont - adina@econt.ro
Hurdugan Luiza - senior partner - economist (specialization in Italian accounting) (English - Italian) - senior partner - 5 years experience within eCont - luiza@econt.ro
Tesu Ancuta - economist - specialization in physical entities taxing (English ) - senior partner - 6 years experience within eCont - anca@econt.ro
Cristian Craciunescu - economist - specialization in fiscal assistance (English) - cristian@econt.ro
Dragan Alina - human resources inspector - alina@econt.ro
Olanuta Mihaela - wages fiscal consultant - mihaela@econt.ro
Sacrieru Cristina - economist - specialization in PFA (Authorized Physical Entities)
Pricop Roxana - junior accountant - roxana@econt.ro
Covaciuc Alexandra - assistant manager - alexandra@econt.ro
Tonita Simona - assistant manager - simona@econt.ro